with Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull) and Bev Bevan (ELO The Move)

with UK rock n roll legend Joe Brown

On stage with Robert Plant 2016

Jobeky drum show 2012

Promo shot for Rhythm Magazine 2000

Live onstage with Robert Plant 2000

From Drummer Magazine 2004

Robert Plant/Priory of Brion 1999

Meinl Ad 

Meinl Ad 

Robert Plant/Priory of Brion 2000

Ian Parker Band 2003

At London Drum Show with various drummers

Meinl promo shot 2000

Backstage with Robert Plant, Timmy Vegas, Kevyn Gammond and the late, great Tim Rose

On Stage with Robert Plant

Drum Clinic at ADC Liverpool 2000

Backstage at Dream Cymbal Clinic 2013

Jobeky Drum Show clinic 2013

Robert Plant/Priory of Brion 2000

Marco Minneman and myself backstage at a Joe Satriani gig with the Lullaby Drummers Snare

Jamming with my mate, Dave Mason

Two of the best and loveliest drummers I know, Mark Shulman and Bobby Arechiga

Magenta video shoot 2013

Backstage with Mike Portnoy

Drumfest 2005: Terry Bozzio, Russell Gilbrook, Kenny Aronoff, Greg Bisonette, Thomas Lang, Jimmy Chamberlain and me!

Recording session

Steve Lawson and me (pic by Chris Walkden)

Onstage with Kiama (pic by Chris Walkden)

Great musician and great person!

Summer 2015 in my studio

Improvising with Phi Yaan Zek, Steve Lawson and Julie Slick

In the studio with Phi Yaan Zek

On stage with IQ



On a clinic tour with Kenny Aronoff

with my wife Dani and Chad Smith

NEO: AE, Mark Westwood, Clive Nolan and John Jowitt

At Real World Studios

Onstage with Quill 2017

Kiama (with Luke Machin, Dylan Thompson and Rob Reed)

Kundabuffa (Hannah Law, Ellie Willaims, Theone, Paul Wetton, Jack Humphries and Rob Groucutt)

Theone and Me

Rob Groucutt, Jon Penney and Steve Lawson

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