Monday, 17 April 2017

News: Spring 2017

This is me recording drums for the next Quill album.

The album has been recorded live in the studio and we are now putting overdubs and finishing touches on it. We hope to have it ready for our appearance on the main stage at Cropready Festival. We also have gigs at Birmingham Town Hall, The Robin etc. please check my gig page for details.

But that's not all that's happening at the moment. In March I recorded a live album with Steve Lawson. Steve is constantly evolving as an improvising artist and I'm really pleased with what we did and I hope to see this album released soon.

On May 2nd my improvising trio, Ley Lines, which features Steve and Phi Yaan-Zek, will be performing at The Swan in Stourport. We will be performing alongside the legendary bass player Neil Murray! Please check out my gig page for more details.

On May 27th I will be playing at Trinity 2, the Prog festival in Leamington Spa. I will be playing for Dec Burke, who sang in Frost with me. It will be great to play with Dec again.

I am also in the process of setting up a label called Guerilla Recordings. The idea behind this label is to release music by the staff and students associated with the HND Music Performance that I run at Kidderminster College. This will not only create a platform for musicians to create music without any of the usual boundaries and hopefully shine a light on some of the new musical talent out there.

(photo courtesy of Rob Groucutt )