Saturday, 30 July 2016

Stuff happening this summer

I am currently working on the new Quill album at the moment. I have also done some fantastic gigs this year already and we have a load more happening. Check the gig section out of this site for more info.

It was great getting out with Kiama in June, opening up for Frost. We had a great time. I am about to go into the studio with Rob Reed this week to record the drums for the new Magenta album. I will be videoing the whole event and hope to get that footage up here soon.

I am also working on a new album which is not prog but is more soulful and funky. This is the next phase of my continuing move from chops based playing to groove based playing. I am hoping to shoot some videos about this too so watch this space.

I have some drum tuition spaces over the summer, if you fancy a lesson and you are based in the UK please get in touch: 07599 105 888