Sunday, 20 September 2015

Welcome to the home of Andy Edwards!

Thanks for visiting my site, here you can find out what I will be doing and what I have done already.
You can also find out more about my teaching and get in contact.

What I have done already...

I played drums for Robert Plant for a couple of years, playing about one hundred gigs with him in his band The Priory of Brion.
I played in the legendary UK Prog band IQ and played on their award winning album 'Frequency'
I was also a founder member of the band Frost* and played the albums 'Milliontown' and 'Experiments in Mass Appeal'
I have tour and recorded with loads of other artists including Magenta, Ian Parker, Aynsley Lister, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Clive Nolan and Quantic
I have also performed drum masterclasses around the world longside some of my drum heroes including
Mark Schulman, Kenny Aronoff, Karl Brazil, Thomas Lang, Marco Minneman, Simon Phillips Craig Blundell and Bobby Arechiga
I have taught drums privately for twenty five years and I am also teach music at Kidderminster College

What I will be doing...

After many years collaborating with Rob Reed (Magenta, Kompedium) I am about to announce a new project that I have been working on with him for the last three years so watch this space.
I am recording sessions and making  music in my new, purpose built drum recording studio which is now called Grumpy's Shed. (and I have recently recorded stuff for the new Frost* album there!)
This also my new teaching space and I have a growing number of lovely students learning and recording drums there.

If you are interested in drum lessons or just general music or music production lessons please check out what I do and get in contact...

all the best
Andy Edwards